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Chipotle Mayo

Our Chipotle Mayo adds just the right amount of heat to your sandwiches, burgers and roasted potatoes. You’ll love its rich and smoky taste!

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Dragon Sauce

There’s a reason why over a million people love the bold, savoury flavour of Dragon Sauce. It’s addictively delicious and packed with vitamins and minerals that help fuel you throughout the day.

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buddha sauce_7151.jpg

Buddha Sauce

Let the sublime power of our Buddha Sauce transform ordinary meals into something truly delicious. Its mellow creamy sesame flavour pairs perfectly with sushi, Asian noodle dishes, and grilled proteins like tempeh or tofu.

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veggie butter_7158.jpg

Veggie Butter

Our veggie butter is sweet, salty, creamy, nutty… and totally addictive! We know you’ll love it drizzled on corn, spread onto a sandwich, or even as a veggie dip.

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Thai sauce.jpg

Thai Sauce

Eating is the best part of life, and should be both simple and delicious. Our ready-to-eat Thai Sauce makes it easy to gourmet-up any meal with creamy flavour and nutty fragrance. Enjoy with steamed rice, greens, noodles or spring rolls.

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green dressing.jpg

Green Dressing

Enjoy the freshness of summer herbs at your table all year long. Overflowing with the flavour of dill and spring onion, you’ll agree that our Green Dressing is the perfect salad topper.

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Coconut Bacon

Our smoked coconut bacon has been a Montreal favourite since 1997. Smoked to perfection, this sweet and crispy bacon substitute is great in a sandwich, tossed in a salad or even eaten straight from the container! Made with coconut and Quebec organic maple syrup. 

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Veggie Burger

Our vegan patties are pre-cooked and are ready-to-eat in under 5 minutes when prepared on the grill or in a pan. Packed with plant protein that satisfy your hunger, they're perfect for summer cookouts! 

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bacon tempeh.jpg

Bacon Tempeh

These delicious tempeh bacon strips are a delicious breakfast side dish. Crisp them up until golden brown before serving and enjoy!

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BBQ tempeh.jpg

BBQ Tempeh

Satisfy the hungriest guests with our pre-cooked southern-style tempeh. Crisps up perfectly on a grill with a just a light coat of olive oil.

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smoked onion tempeh_7128.jpg

Smoked Onion Tempeh

Cooked to perfection in a smoky onion marinade, our tempeh is ideal for sandwiches, a roasted veggie medley or as a side dish. All you have is heat and enjoy!

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thai tempeh.jpg

Thai Tempeh

Fresh ginger, lime leaves and pepper create an authentic Thai flavour that makes this tempeh irresistible in a stir-fry or sandwich. Heat, serve and indulge!

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Celebrate sweet moments with our irresistible desserts.


Maple Flax Cookie

Our wholesome and nutritious cookie is perfect for a mid-day pick me up. Rich in maple taste and packed with yummy flax.

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Double Chocolate Cookie

If you’re chocolate obsessed, you’ll love indulging in our rich and decadent double chocolate cookie. It’s heaven on earth!

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Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookie

Just like grandma used to make, but with a vegan twist! Our chewy and satisfying oatmeal chocolate chip cookie is the perfect treat for all ages.

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Ginger Cookie

We’ve created the ultimate vegan ginger cookie that will melt in your mouth. Soft, chewy and delicious!

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Walnut Brownie

Guaranteed to satisfy your intense chocolate cravings. Our walnut brownie is crafted with premium California walnuts, dark cocoa, organic flour and organic cane sugar.

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