We’ve prepared the most beloved Aux Vivres meals, perfect for on the go!



Buddha Bowl

Meditate on the exotic flavours of the Buddha bowl while fueling your body on organic Noble Bean tempeh, organic kale, lentils, quinoa, rice and sunflower seeds.

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Dragon Bowl

Our best-selling dragon bowl has it all - organic Noble Bean tempeh, delicious dragon sauce, green pea sprouts, organic quinoa, lentils, rice and fresh vegetables. Delish!

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kale caesar.jpg

Kale Caesar Bowl

This power salad is built on basmati rice, lentils and organic quinoa then topped with organic baby kale, sweet cherry tomatoes and crispy coconut bacon. Served with a generous portion of vegan Caesar dressing and organic tempeh.

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Thai Bowl

Crunchy veggies like pickled daikon, carrot and rutabaga top this light and tasty Thai bowl. Served with marinated tofu and a side of gingery Thai peanut sauce on a bed of organic quinoa, lentils and rice.

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BBQ Tempeh Wrap

Inspired by the flavours of southern soul food, this delicious wrap is made with smoky Noble Bean tempeh and served with homemade chipotle mayo.

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Dragon Wrap

Our best-selling dragon wrap is crafted with organic Noble Bean tempeh and a rainbow of veggies. Served with a side of Aux Vivres dragon sauce for dipping!

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Mekong Wrap

The Mekong wrap is light and delicious, packed with marinated daikon, tofu and crispy lettuce. Served with our gingery peanut Thai sauce that will blow your mind.

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vegepate wrap.jpg

Veggie Pate Wrap

A satisfying wrap made with our sunflower seed veggie pâté, roasted red peppers, romaine lettuce and homemade chipotle mayo.

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Hot Meals


Chana and Rice

Indian curry potato and chickpeas served on a bed of lightly seasoned basmati rice.

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Chili and Rice

A Comforting Southern-style red bean and tempeh chili served on lightly seasoned rice.

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Korma and Rice

Creamy coconut curry of garden vegetables and tempeh served on lightly seasoned rice.

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Tajine and Rice

Inspired by Moroccan cooking, our tajine is made with tomato, chickpeas, dried fruit, fresh herbs and spices.

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Thai Curry

Our Thai red curry is spicy, rich in protein and deliciously addictive! We smother our Noble Bean organic Tempeh, sweet potatoes, green peas and red pepper with a rich, authentic curry sauce, prepared with coconut milk, kaffir lime leaves and lemongrass. 

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